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Dr. Abeera Mansoor

Dr. Abeera Mansoor

Specialist Dermatology

Specialty: Dermatology

  • Dr Abeera is a Specialist Dermatologist with over 13 years of experience in pronounced institutions in India & Saudi Arabia.

    Dr Abeera completed her MBBS and DDVL (Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology) from the prestigious M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, India. She completed her DDVL in the year 2006.


    Area of expertise


    Radio Surgery (Wart removal, Mole removal, Skin Tag removal).

    Chemical peels (Glycolic, Lactic, Combination of different AHAs, Salicylic).


    Laser assisted Hair removal. (upper lip, chin, anterior neck, arms, under arms).

    Tattoo removal by Q-switched Laser.


    Non-surgical face lifts.

    Intra-lesional injections for Keloids.


    She speaks English, Hindi, Urdu & Kannada.