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Dr. Ahmad Salah Eddin

Dr. Ahmad Salah Eddin

Specialist Ophthalmology

Specialty: Ophthalmology

  • Dr Ahmad Salah is a Specialist Ophthalmologist with a demonstrated history of working more than 14 years including past 5 years in Finland Eye Center as Refractive Surgeon.

    He did his MD from College of Medicine, University of Damascus and later did his Masters in Ophthalmology (ICO) and is a member of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons from International Council of Ophthalmology.

    He is highly skilled in all types of refractive surgeries, keratoconus management and surgeries and minor ophthalmic procedures including laser treatment.

    Area of Expertise:

    • Refractive Surgeries (Lasik, PRK, Femto lasik)
    • Management of keratoconus (CXL, ICR)
    • Anterior Segment Ophthalmic surgery
    • Cataract Surgeries
    • Medical Retina (Especially diabetic retinopathy management)
    • Management of Glaucoma


    He speaks English & Arabic.