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Dr Ali Saif Al-Mamari

Dr Ali Saif Al-Mamari

Sr. Consultant Endocrinology

Specialty: Endocrinology

  • Dr. Ali Saif Al-Mamari is a Sr Consultant Endocrinology at NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ghoubra.

    Dr. Ali Saif has over 20 years of experience in pronounced institutions in Oman.

    He completed his MRCP from United Kingdom and FRCP from University of Glasgow, UK.

    Dr. Ali has extensive experience in the fields of Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid Disorder, Metabolic Bone Disease, Pituitary Disorders, Adrenal Disorders as well as Infertility.

    Area of Expertise:

    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Thyroid Disorders
    • Metabolic Bone Diseases
    • Adrenal Disorders
    • Infertility

    He speaks both English and Arabic fluently.