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Dr. James Pallivathukkal

Dr. James Pallivathukkal

Specialist Internal Medicine

Specialty: Internal Medicine

  • Dr. James Kumar Pallivathukkal has 14 years as a specialist in Internal Medicine.  His specialties include diagnosing and managing complicated medical conditions such as, meningitis, strokes, multiple cardiac and lung conditions, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, respiratory illnesses and rheumatology.  

    Dr. James takes pride in his communication skills and developing effective therapeutic relationships with patients.  He has been with our Specialty Hospital at Al Ghoubra, Muscat for 6 years.

    Dr. James undertook his post-graduate Diploma and Master degree in Science in the U.K. at Cardiff University, specializing in Diabetes Mellitus.  

    Dr. James maintains an active involvement in his professional association and regularly attends trainings, seminars, meetings and conferences in and out of the country.  

    Dr. James has published research articles and submitted posters in several national and international conferences.  

    Dr James is fluent in English, Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam.