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Dr Neda Ebrahimpour

Dr Neda Ebrahimpour

Specialty: Anesthesiology

  • Dr Neda is working a Specialist Anesthetist at NMC specialty hospital, Al Ghoubra with more than 6 years of experience in the field of Anesthesiology. Prior to joining NMC she was working in public and private hospitals at Iran.

    She completed her graduation (MD of medicine) from Iran university of medical sciences, Iran-Tehran and was working as family physician for four years. Later she went for doctorate in Anesthesia and ICU management in Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rashht-Iran. She also obtained the certificate of clinical acupuncture and pain management from Tehran University of Medical Science.

    She was ranked among top ten of Iranian National Anesthesiology Board exam in 2015.

    She has some publications in international medical journals.

    Area of experience:

    • General and Regional Anesthesia
    • Labor pain management
    • Critical care and ICU management