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Dr. Prerna Kulkarni

Dr. Prerna Kulkarni

Specialist Radiologist

Specialty: Radiology

  • Dr. Prerna Kulkarni is a specialist in Radiodiagnosis.  She has over 14 years of professional experience.  Dr. Prerna first came to Oman in 2007, and then relocated to UAE four years later, where she gained valuable experience in her chosen field of radiodiagnosois.  Dr. Prerna’s love of Muscat brought her back to Oman in 2015 where she is now a specialist radiologist in our Radiodiagnosis Department, at our Specialty Hospital, Al Ghoubra.

    Dr. Prerna has presented various seminars, journals and cases during academic sessions as a resident in Radiology.

    After her post-graduate training, Dr. Prerna worked in the mammography department at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumba.  During her postgraduate training, she worked as a full-time resident in the department of radiodiagnosis in K.E.M. Hospital Pune, a multi-disciplinary and super specialty hospital and she was given an opportunity to work in various modalities such as conventional Radiography, Ultrasonography, colour doppler and C.T. Scan.

    Dr. Prerna completed her Diploma in Medical Radiodiagnosis and Electrology from King Edward Memorial Hospital, Pune.

    Dr. Prerna speaks fluent English, Hindi and Marathi.