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Dr. Subha Reghu

Dr. Subha Reghu

General Dental Practitioner

Specialty: Dentistry

  • Dr. Subha R. is a General Dental Practitioner with over 14 years professional experience in Oman and India.  She has been with our Specialty Hospital at Al Ghoubra since 2008.

    She is experienced in dental extractions (single & surgical), surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth, root canal treatment, periodontal surgeries, prosthetic replacement of teeth and procedures such as, filling, cleaning, whitening etc.  She is also experienced in working with and treating paediatric patients.

    Dr. Subha holds a certification in Implantology from Chennai and completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Government Dental College, Calicut.

    Dr. Subha is fluent in English, Arabic, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi.