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Dr. Tariq Ghani Siddiqui

Dr. Tariq Ghani Siddiqui

Specialist Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Specialty: Ear, Nose & Throat

  • Dr Tariq is Specialist ENT with over 35 years of experience in pronounced institutions in Pakistan and Oman. He has completed his MBBS & MCPS (Otolaryngology) from College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan and DLO from DOW Medical College, University of Karachi.

    He has developed expertise in FESS at Al Nahdha Hospital. He undertakes different types of routine ENT, Head & Neck surgeries treatment, Corrective Nasal Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Septo-rhinoplasty operations for patients referred from all over the country.

    He is one of the organizers and faculty of Oman Rhinoplasty Course which is held annually at Al-Nahdha Hospital.

    Area of expertise: Corrective nasal surgery, Rhinoplasty, Head & Neck surgeries.