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Dr. Vijay Ram Naresh

Dr. Vijay Ram Naresh

Specialist Psychiatry

Specialty: Psychiatry

  • Dr Vijay is a Specialist Psychiatrist with over 18 years of experience in pronounced institutions in India and Oman.

    He has completed Diploma in Psychological Medicine and MD in Psychiatry from Central Institute of Psychiatry from Ranchi University Jharkhand, India.

    Dr Vijay has extensive experience in the fields of Formulation and Planning for Non–Pharmacological (Psychological Intervention) and Pharmacological management of Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Stress, Chronic physical complaints, old age-related behavioral problems, addiction and child and adolescent related psychiatric disorder.

    Area of expertise

    • Depression, anxiety, stress
    • OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
    • Sleep disorder, chronic pain
    • Sexual problems
    • Psychosis (schizophrenia)
    • Chronic physical complaints (Somatization disorder)
    • Counselling


    He speaks English & Hindi fluently.